Channel the Rainwater Away From Your Yard

French drain installation in Warwick, RI is the key to a dry lawn

It's important to have a good yard drainage system at your Warwick, RI home. If you're experiencing puddles or soft turf in your backyard, a French drain installation may be the solution.

These simple drains allow water to flow easily from your lawn to a nearby ditch or storm drain. DCJ Landscape Services LLC can install a French drain quickly and affordably so you can enjoy a healthier lawn.

Keep your backyard looking beautiful with the help of a French drain. Speak with our agents now to set up a visit from our technicians.

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See how a French drain will help your lawn

As a yard drainage system, a French drain allows water to flow freely away from your home. It works very simply:

  • Rainwater falls onto a gravel trench on your property
  • The water seeps through the gravel and into a pipe below
  • The water flows through the pipe to a ditch or sewer
This basic system can keep you from spending thousands on lawn repair. Take advantage of inexpensive French drain installation at your Warwick, RI property by calling DCJ Landscape Services today.